What began by doing friends and family a favour to replicate her own attire, Nuria, essentially means "lady of light" and forms part of our Founder's name, was created in August 2015 by our Founder, Zaznuriah Zahir. Soon after, orders kept coming in and from a pre-order basis to a limited quantity basis thereafter to slightly larger quantities; the brand kept growing progressively to where it is today and let’s just say that the rest is history. 

Nuria was primarily created for women of all ages. It embodies classic cuts that meet contemporary styling, centering on elegance and comfort without compromising style. Each Nuria piece is crafted for timeless wear and offers versatility of looks from just simply one ensemble.

We are hoping to grow the brand  to be more inclusive and sustainable in the coming years, and by that we mean to expand attires of different age group and gender wear in the years to come.